Life Size Nativity Statues

Handmade in the USA
Available in Bonded Marble White or Painted

Big Nativity statues are fabricated by ArcStone Casting & Design in Midvale, Utah, USA. We are a highly experienced sculpting, molding, and casting studio that has been designing and producing life-size nativity sets since 2004. Our nativity sets are not just life-size, they are LARGER than LIFE SIZE! We make the finest traditional life-size nativity sets available for churches and residents alike. We expertly pack and crate our nativity statues and have 18 years of experience in shipping our life-size nativity sets to over 70 countries around the world!

We look forward to working with you to help you proclaim your faith in the Savior of the World this coming Christmas in a BIG way!

Bonded Marble White

Thanksgiving Point Utah

We utilized the finest materials and pay the utmost attention to detail. Our customers are everything to us, and we believe in old-fashioned, one-on-one personal outstanding customer service. We will be happy to answer any questions about our life-size nativity scenes and to find out more about your outdoor space, and how our nativity statues can be configured for your display.

Nine individual statues

Each statue is rotationally cast in bonded marble, reinforced with fiberglass and foam filled.

Celebrate the birth of christ

Big Nativity is here to help you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World with the finest nativity sets available, and in a Big Bold Way!

Hand Made Nativity Statues

We design, sculpt, fabricate the molds, cast the figures, perform the finish work, and crate in our studio at ArcStone Casting & Design. It takes skilled artisans to make life-size nativity statues!

Made in USA

Big Nativity Statues are hand made in the USA, from USA raw materials and by skilled USA artisans and craftsmen. The statues are made to order individually for each and every customer.

Built to LAST

Big Nativity Statues are built to last. They are fabricated from resin and marble powder, reinforced with fiberglass and foam-filled. With care, your Big Nativity Set will last for generations.

Two Sets Available

STARTER SET – Three individual statues, Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus), Donkey, Ewe and Lamb. The Starter Set is available in Bonded Marble White or Painted.

PREMIUM SET – Nine individual statues, Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus), Donkey, Ewe and Lamb, Ox, Ram, Two King Statue, Kneeling King, Standing Shepherd, Kneeling Shepherds. The Premium Set is available in Bonded Marble White or Painted.

Big Nativity Around the World

Big Nativity fabricates nativity sets that are on display in over 70 countries around the world. Our largest presence of nativity sets outside of the United States is for The Churh of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These nativity sets can be seen on LDS Temple Grounds and Visitors Centers at Christmas time. The LDS Temple nativity statues were designed and sculpted by Karl Quilter, assisted by his son Paul Quilter. These statues are molded and cast by ArcStone Casting & Design.

Melbourne Australia

Three piece nativity in white displayed on the lawn.

Stockholm Sweden

Three piece nativity in white displayed with stable.

SAO PAlo Brazil

Three piece nativity in white displayed with straw on lawn.


We use the finest finishes at Big Nativity. For all of our painted statues we use Sherwin-Williams commercial primer and paint. We top coat that with an industrial catalyzed polyurethane clear coat from National Coating Supply. Our Bonded Marble White statues can also be clear coated upon request. Clear coating is essential to preserve the hand painted finishes of our nativity statues. Our white bonded marble statues can be finished to a honed matt look, or can be clear coated to preserve and protect the statue from dirt and debris.

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