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Do you make the statues?

Yes! We sculpt, mold, and cast every Big Nativity Statue in our studio in Midvale Utah. The Big Nativity Statues are 100% hand made in USA.

How are they made?

We will be producing a page describing the process, but the steps are as follows; 1) Design and Sculpt the statue. 2) Make a mold of the statue. 3) Cast, fabricate, and finish the statue. This is quite simplified, but these processes are very time consuming and require patience and attention to detail.

How long does it take to make the statues?

Fabrication time varies depending on whether we are making a Starter Set or Premium Set. The other factor is whether we need to hand paint the statues. The lead time required on the Starter Set is generally 6 weeks. 8 weeks if painted. Lead time on the Premium Set is about 10 weeks. 12-14 weeks if painted.

What Materials and paints are used?

The bonded marble statues are made of crushed marble, or marble powders, and resin. Fiberglass is used for reinforcement and foam is used for void fill inside the statues.

For painted finishes, we use Sherwin Williams commercial grade exterior paints and NCS industrial two part polyurethane coatings.

Each statue is inspected carefully to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.



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