Big Nativity is a product of ArcStone Casting & Design. The artisans at ArcStone have been fabricating larger-than-life nativity statues, custom 3D props, and displays since 2002. As such they understand the materials and processes involved to make products that are beautiful, durable, and will arrive safely to the customer. The Big Nativity statues are shipped throughout the world and are on display in over 70 countries at Christmas time each year.

The company owns multiple rotational casting machines and uses state-of-the-art technology utilizing 3D scanning, CNC milling, and molding processes to supplement sculpting and designing by hand. While technology is highly integrated into the process, there is much more time dedicated to hand tooling, hand carving, and hand sanding of the nativity statues. In fact, the machine process composes only about 20% of the labor time involved. As such, Big Nativity employs highly skilled craftsmen and artisans in the production of their nativity statues. Paul Quilter, the owner, is involved in every aspect of every statue which leaves his studio, from sculpting, to molding, casting, finishing work, and painting. He believes in employing the right people, but remaining completely involved in the processes to ensure his customers receive the best possible product from his studio.

Big Nativity is currently working on smaller collector versions of their statues. These collector statues will be a unique nativity for in-home display and exact replicas of the larger-than-life Big Nativity statues. They will be miniatures less than 12″ in height.

Paul has completed a half-life version of the Starter Set for interior or exterior display. This set includes a 32″ Holy Family statue along with the Donkey and Sheep. It is available for purchase for $1,800. Crating and shipping quoted separately.

The video below demonstrates one process involved in the making of the Big Nativity statues. This video shows how the molds are rotated in our large machines to produce a perfect mold copy. The mold in the machine is the Standing Shepherd. Between mold assembly, casting, fiberglass and foam fill, demolding, finishing, and tooling it can take days for a single statue to be completed. The statue is then clear coated or painted depending on the customer’s request.

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